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Light and airy outdoor woodland shoot | Motherhood

The weather has been super up and down recently and this wonderful shoot happened in between the rain clouds that were passing over. And still, it looks like another beautiful summers day. Just another reason I love my light editing and shooting style!

Being light and airy, it does mean I only shoot with certain backdrops but it also means when everything is right, the location, the light and the outfit styling, the images are fantastic and dreamy! And that's my main goal. There's much more to think about than just taking a photo that's for sure but I spent years perfecting my style and I love it!

This woodland is local to me in my town of Colchester, and I walk around it many times a week, so when outdoor shoots are booked where clients would like a woodland backdrop this seems perfect and I know it really well!

Team woodland outdoor shoots with adorable Motherhood photography and I am a very happy photographer. Mum's are normally the ones behind the camera taking photos of everyone else on their phones but I love to celebrate the motherhood and capture the most special imagery for them to cherish forever!

With a dress and hat selected from my studio wardrobe, Mum, Caley was styled and ready to go. Take a look at a selection from this wonderful elegant session...


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