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Light and airy is a hard style to master. Have you been struggling to achieve your light images and end up just cranking up the exposure? And then, it still doesn't look like all those you see online? I developed my light and airy presets over many years and have a wonderful set for studio setting AND outdoor setting. Perfecting your style and having consistent editing will increase your brand and showcase a more luxurious finish. I have released my very own, desktop Lightroom presets.


Each set contains 7 variations of the preset which I use in my very own workflow for EVERY session.

These presets will lift your images to that perfect light and airy look.


  • Ideal for light/white studio settings, bright whites and light skin tones.

  • Perfect for motherhood sessions.


  • Nail those harsh sunlight images. 

  • Perfect for light outdoor settings.

Want to see how the presets look on your images before buying?

Feel free to send over 2-3 RAW images via WeTransfer, to

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