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All white cake smash session | Colchester, Essex

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Yep, my favourite! All white, no colours, no props, just your gorgeous birthday boy or girl, a cake and packed with delightful moments!

So, how do my cake smash sessions work. Well, the best thing is you don't need to provide anything! Even if you turn up and have forgotten everything but your child it wouldn't matter. I prvide the lot! Saving you a hell of a lot of time and money doing it all yourself!

And when you arrive the session is completed in three stages:

  1. Portrait shots. Using a chic 'one' jumper and flag and my raw wooden 'ONE' letters your babies little personality is captured and we have fun doing it!

  2. The cake! Smash, poke, eat, do whatever they want with their own birthday cake. Parents, you'll be helping too!

  3. Probably the most fun part for the little one. The bath!! I haven't met many babes that don't like the bubbles and splashing after getting all messy

And take a look at what we create and tell me you don't want one!


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