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Luxury First birthday Cake Smash Session | Essex

They are only ONE, once! And what a way to celebrate their first full year on this Earth. When else do we let our babies eat a whole cake, with only their hands, mess making is encouraged and going in face first is applauded!

My all white cake smash sessions are super popular. They take place in my Colchester studio in North Essex. And, EVERYTHING is provided for you. It's a Luxe Cake smash for your little Prince/Princess!

Gorgeous outfits! You can spend time sifting through my baby outfits and select one for your little darling. You can even choose two, one for the portrait shots and another look for their cake smash session.

They get to use my sweet wooden 'ONE' letters, which they all love holding or knocking over and it's very sweet to capture. Then comes the fun part, the cake! The frosted 6" cake is all provided for you and included in the session pricing. It's a yummy Victoria sponge covered in vanilla buttercream frosting.

They can choose to use their hands, my miniature wooden spoon or even their faces to eat the cake! All is encouraged and I even get Mum and Dads involved too. It's wonderful to capture you feeding and helping your baby and making it even more fun.

Lastly comes the cleaner part but equally as fun! The bath! My little white tin bath is filled with warm water and babies have a great time playing with my rubber duckies, splashing and being their cute selves!

It would be wrong not to finish with a soft robe wouldn't it, so that's exactly what we do. I have sweet robes available and we wrap them up all snug!

Now try telling me a luxury cake smash session isn't for you!


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