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When to have your maternity session | All white studio session

This is a question I get asked all the time, and a valid one at that. When is it best to book your maternity session?

I always say to Mums-to-be to book between 28-34 weeks pregnant. One reason is many bumps are formed nicely by 28 weeks already and for those with smaller bumps 34 weeks may probably work for you. We want to ensure you enjoy your session and can move in and out of positions without being uncomfortable. I normally don't want to shoot after 34 weeks as it starts to get difficult to be in certain positions and during the session you will be sat, stood and laying down so to be able to get back up again is important.

However if you'd like a last minute session and you're after 34 weeks and feel like you are still comfortable then get in touch! Sometimes maternity sessions may need rescheduling as there's not always a way to tell how big or small your bump is going to be at the time you book your session, but this is fine!

My rule is as long as bump is prominent enough we can shoot as early as you like!

Take the lovely Jessica here, we did postpone her sweet session a bit due to yet another UK lockdown (great hey!) but we got her into my Colchester all white studio, in time for her beautiful, beautiful session. Jessica came from London for her session and I adore welcoming in my London clients which are getting more and more each year.

Jessica used lots of garments from my studio wardrobe for her session.....


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