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What does a natural newborn session entail? | Ivory White Photography

Many people are aware of the very posed and structured newborn session. Those where baby are naked, in buckets or use props and colours/themes, but many aren't totally familiar with the natural style of newborn photography.

Natural newborn photography allows the baby to be exactly what it is, a baby. No forcing, bending or stripping them off. the session allows the baby to be fully relaxed and cosy. A gentle wrap is used to swaddle them to replicate being back in the womb which most love as they are only around 7 days old so exactly what they've been used to for the last 9 months.

If they are awake, then the session is done just as they are. Newborn preparation guides are sent to help your newborn be sleepier for the session but if for any reason they are alert (some are more than others on occasion) then we work with that. Many tend to drift off half way through the session anyway as they become warm, toastie and cuddled.

Your newborn will be photographed cuddled up with you and rested gently on my white stool. If you bring along an older sibling they will join in too, as and when they want to and by using some fun games and interactive tricks I have for the brothers/sisters, they will be in lots of the photos!

Your baby is kept wrapped for most of the session to ensure they are happy and calm and allow a variety of transitions with each family member and the stool. Disrupting them too much can cause them (and you) stress and they may wake and not be so happy.

At the end of the session your baby is unwrapped to enable me to capture all their little details and their cute little stretches!

It's a joyous way to photograph newborns and ensures parents leave with fond memories of their session and not leave stressed and exhausted from constant nursing, settling and the frustration of your baby not staying in 'poses'.

Don't just take my word for it, take a look!!!


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