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NEW Ivory White Education Instagram account!

It's been a while in the making and another goal I've had for my business but after launching the Education side of my business a few months ago, I now have a new shiny Instagram account dedicated to just that!

It will talk about Ivory White Presets and show examples, includes chats about my photography mentoring and covers my Posing Prompt guide. Not to mention free photography tips and chats about my own business which may all help your businesses.

Ivory White Presets

These light and airy presets are absolutely perfect for those that want to achieve dreamy and soft edits. If you've been struggling to achieve that light and airy look these are the presets for you. I use both my outdoor and studio presets on every single session I photograph. You can view examples on my NEW Instagram page and also here, online.

Photography Mentoring

There's no better way to learn than from someone who has done exactly what you're hoping to achieve or who inspires you. Gaining further knowledge to push your business forward and inves