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IVORY WHITE PRESETS ARE LIVE! | Light and airy presets

It's been a long road not only to make the decision to share my key style ingredient but to form it into a saleable product, adding a shop to my website and pushing the boundaries of my own knowledge and my business.

studio white presets, light and airy presets

During the last year that COVID has entered our lives and lockdown after lockdown happening time and time again with the Government stopping most small business from working with clients face to face, it was time to expand my business. Not only have I started my Business mentoring, helping other creatives, photographers and small businesses up-level their own business and reach their ideal clients, I have now added my own presets to my shop, available to all for purchase.

There's more to editing a photo than slapping on a preset. My presets have been developed over the last 7 years and work with my shooting style. A lot of trial and error has happened over the years, tweaking and tweaking until I know what I'm shooting in camera will work perfectly with my presets both indoor and out.

My light and airy style is notoriously difficult to achieve. A lot of photographers just assume you crank up the exposure and voila! But that most certainly isn't the case. I love soft dreamy images, and my preset softens your images and gives light skin tones and film like editing effects. I love everything light and airy so I needed to find a way to make my own editing style to match this. And marketing myself as a 'light and airy' photographer it really is important I nail those images for clients.

I have released 2 sets of presets. One for in the studio and one for outdoor settings. The studio presets will help you with those whites and the light skin tones. White is the hardest colour to work with, it really is! Ask any photographer, it's a bloomin' minefield! However, I adore white so needed to create a preset that worked in my studio but still kept the detail of my clients faces but still keep the image as light as I liked.

The outdoor preset is perfect for beaches, grassland or any lighter toned backdrop and really does look so soft and beautiful! Make sure you know your camera though, presets are made as a base, then you need to tweak them to suit your style and the settings you've used. They don't do the work for you so be sure you're confident in your shooting and editing prior.

Want to check out my light and airy presets, click here!

light and airy presets. film presets. White studio presets. outdoor light presets


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