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How to style a product shoot

Being creative is my favourite thing to do. That's exactly what I refer to myself as, a creative. So when Yarn worx, got in contact for a lifestyle product shoot I knew I was going to enjoy it and create some gorgeous imagery for them to use on their social media and their website.

Product photography shot in a lifestyle way is so much more interesting and visually pleasing! I think it is my favourite way to photograph products.

5 ways to style lifestyle product shoots

1. Prior to the products arriving I created a mood board of ideas which I thought would work well and also give variety. I also made sure I selected ideas I knew I could execute. Look for ideas you know you can do and posses props and backdrops for.

2. When shooting the products, layering is a great idea. Don't simply photograph them on their own. Add textures and different heights/levels.

3. Use hands and body. It's often great to get someone or yourself to hold the products or be in the shots or in a portion of the shots. Having some part of a person in the shot can also make it relatable and not simply generic.

4. Colours. Use props and backdrops that pick up some of the colouring in the props. For example I used a jumper in the same colour of the wool I was photographing along side others colours just to tie it all in.

5. Angles. Don't just shoot from above. Move to all different angles and see just what works the best, you might be surprised!

Below are some from this sweet shoot...


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