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How does a natural newborn session work?

My newborn sessions are different to others you may have seen that are VERY heavy on posing baby in certain positions and add props and outfits. That's not my jam, not at all. I much prefer a totally natural approach and let baby lay, curl, stretch and cuddle up using creams, whites and simple wraps.

Parents are heavily involved in my sessions even if it's just their hands, chest, or side of their face. The connections is what I love the most and it doesn't mean you get any less of baby in the shot, it just has more meaning.

Having such a natural approach also means parents are often much less stressed. Getting everyone dressed, sorted and out the house is probably stressful enough, you don't want the pressure of anything else on your shoulders too.

Obviously sessions with babies that are sleepy are much quicker and easier, there are times where baby may not sleep but during a natural session this doesn't matter too much. We can still capture all those details, wrap baby and capture cuddly shots. Even with all the preparation in the world, some babies are simply more alert than others.

And if you have another sibling, they are welcome too! And with a natural session there's no pressure on your other sibling. They can join in as and when they like throughout the shoot. And, yes, I have some secret tips I use with the older siblings that ensures they engage with your new baby, I make it fun and a game which they actual thoroughly enjoy!

Check out this amazing natural newborn session, for yourself.....


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