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Essex Personal branding photography | How to nail a personal branding shoot

Have you thought about having a branding shoot for your business or perhaps you're unsure what a personal branding shoot is, what it involves and how it can benefit you? Throughout this blog I shall touch upon all these topics and also how to best prepare for your own branding shoot.

florist personal branding shoot essex colchester

What is a branding shoot?

A Personal branding shoot is a photoshoot showing off your business, products/services and yourself, all in a style that suits your company. So you've started your very own business, have a business name and probably have an idea of what you're offering to your clients. But how do you show that? A personal branding shoot is the best way to take your branding colours and services and show them to your clients online. You are your business and building a brand starts with you!

florist personal branding shoot essex colchester

Why do I need a branding photo shoot?

A branding shoot is the best way to show your business off and ensuring you have the best images to use on your website and social platforms. Consistency is key in businesses and having images that flow and are similar in style and look is imperative in a world that's so visual! Tell the version of your business story though professional imagery. Clients and customers are also drawn to well put together websites, marketing materials and social feeds. Want to attract more customers? Then having a brand photography session is super important. When booking your branding shoot take a moment to think about 'why' you want your branding shoot? Is it to refresh your about me page, perhaps you're having a whole new business look or maybe you need lots and lots of social media content images. Whatever the reason make sure you know why you're booking your shoot. Do talk to your photographer and brainstorm together to find the best angle to head down. I offer a free consultation prior to your shoot to go over ideas, plans and help discuss goals and requirements.

Make your own inspiration board?

Visuals are so important and making your own inspo board whether it's on pinterst or your own made one, it's best to grab ideas you're hoping to achieve. I always advise my clients to make an inspiration board so I can see the style and look they are aiming for. Perhaps add a collection of images that not only inspire you but are along the lines of the colours you're hoping to incorporate. Not only is it great for you to see your visions all in one place but it helps your photographer to understand your vision for the shoot.

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Shot list

If you have any specific shots you'd like then make a list. Photographers shouldn't 'copy' other peoples ideas but we can use it as inspiration during shoots. For example, 'shot of my workspace', 'shot of me holding bowl' this really helps photographers tick off what's needed and not miss anything.

What to wear?

It's a good idea to plan what you're going to wear well ahead of time. Making sure your hair, make up and outfit/s are on point is a huge factor in getting great photos. Potential clients want to see a well groomed business woman/man, this instills confidence in customers and clients. But remember, be you! Don't wear a suit, if you'd never wear a suit and your brand doesn't suit a suit! Show off your personality. People invest in people. A variety of looks makes your images look different so have a range of outfits ready. It doesn't have to be complicated, wear a top, cardigan and scarf and then remove the cardigan and scarf for another quick, easy outfit look.

florist personal branding photographer essex colchester

Props and locations

Props can be used to help show off your personality. For example your favourite coffee mug, or maybe you're known for wearing hats, add those in and how about striking shoes? We can always use bits and pieces that you're known for or that represents you as a person and brand and incorporate those into the shoot. Props also gives more variety to shoots. Now, locations! There are so may choices, but think about what would work for you? Maybe you're a cake maker and your statement kitchen is the perfect backdrop? Or, you're a yoga teacher that loves working at the beach or the gym. Make the locations work for you and your business look. I work in Essex, Suffolk, London and Hertfordshire and know lots of different indoor and outdoor locations, always speak with your photographer.

florist commercial photographer essex colchester

Here's just some of my tips for nailing your branding shoot! If you're in need of stunning imagery or have more questions, contact me.


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