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An Essex Branding shoot | Shoe Belle

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I can't stress how important good professional photography is for your business. Wether you are a self employed one woman business or a 10 person company, having great photos that demonstrate your business are paramount.

What is your brand?

You may have heard of people saying this phrase. Your brand isn't just colours or you, it's your business as a whole. Take some famous brands for example, McDonalds, John Lewis, IKEA. They all have their own brand which runs throughout the company and you know exactly what they offer, recognise their logo and colours and they stand out. This is what every business needs regardless of the size. People and buyers like to see a cohesive looking website, a well put together social media and with that comes professional imagery.

Sure you could take some photos yourself but the knowledge you get from a personal branding photographer in terms of arrangements, ideas, lighting and consistency is worth every penny.

Photography and imagery is HUGE this day and age and people often take a quick glance and decide there and then if they will purchase, invest or even continue looking at your website. Strong commercial photography can help draw in those clients and tell the story of you and your brand.

Sarah fr