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Dreamy In-Home Newborn session | Ivory White Photography

When clients home are a sea of neutral tones and natural light I get all giddy! Perfect. I was honoured to go back and photograph Nicola and Nic, in their beautiful home, when their second baby, Rosie arrived.

There's noting better than a totally natural newborn photo shoot in your own home for a number of reasons. You don't have to pack everyone up and head to a studio, you don't have to worry about older siblings and how they'll be in a studio and you can take your time, and be totally relaxed knowing you have all your home comforts right there.

Nicola chose 2 of my studio wardrobe dresses which I brought with me which looked ideal for the session.

Using their wonderful living room and two of their bedrooms I captured natural photos of them all with their new addition. Older sister Ivy joined in too and what a character she is!

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