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Creating my own maternity session during lockdown | Ivory White Photography

It's Lockdown 3.0 and once again my poor studio is closed and work has halted yet again. But one thing I'm grateful for it that, being the photographer I won't miss out on my own milestones. Even if it's a little harder to do myself (and with my husband) we can still create amazing memories for those super important times in our lives.

And this time it's really important, we're having a baby! And I've waited until my bump is just big enough to be able to capture these lovely images. Not to mention it's given us something to do! With the snow outside, even venturing out is becoming a challenge.

During this lockdown I've also been renovating my new studio room slowly so it's the first time it's been used as a studio as well! I still have a few last minute details to add but I'm mostly there!

I gathered together my tripod, camera, remote and created myself a mood board so we knew exactly what we were doing, what dresses I would be using and what poses I'd be getting in and out of. When you're pregnant, you want a smooth transition so planning is quite a large part especially if you're doing it alone.

My husband has had a crash course on using my camera. I ensure all the settings are correct and he's learnt to focus and recompose on my professional camera which is so helpful! We did solo shots of just myself and couple shots using the remote. There are a few ways of taking self portraits but my remote is a god send!

Take a look at what we created........


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