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2025 wedding trends | Ivory White Photography

Wedding trends happen every year, some you might love, others maybe not so much. But 2025 is looking to be incredible! And I can't wait to share the trends I love!

  1. Bespoke wedding cocktails - Not only are they fun and tasty but they look great! Definitely a good one to add to your list.

  2. Intimate weddings - Gone are the expectations to have 100 people at your wedding day but opt for a more intimate affair instead,

  3. Champagne towers - this is a favourite and super fun to photograph! It's fun to do for you and your guests watching.

  4. Tuxedos - Out are the blue suits and tails from the 90s, in are the sophisticated black, tux! Nothing oozes style more!

  5. Multiple bridal dresses - a cute bridal cocktail dress for the evening is hugely popular and one I adore!

  6. Artistic floral installations - florals are huge right now and they really do bring style and elegance to your day.

  7. Long tables - old style round tables are out and the gorgeous banquet style tables are in!

  8. Outdoor first dances - great for photos, beautiful under the evening sun and whimsical. Ditch the small, dark rooms for the opulence of outside.

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