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Posing prompts for photographers | Ivory White Photography

Over the last 8 years of running my business I've definitely had to work at getting those 'natural family shots'.

I always wondered how other photographers had such emotive moments with lots of natural smiles and no stiff posing. Over the last 4 years I've really set myself challenge of collating my best prompts for a family session and written them down for keeps!

Using these prompts I'm on track for getting a whole variety within a client gallery, have the best reactions on camera and the best experience for the client.

It's not just what you say to your clients, it's how you say it. Enjoy the session and really throw yourself in there and be passionate and it will come across, leaving you with the perfect family session.

After using the prompts and at the end of the session I can almost guarantee the children want to keep going, do more and haven't even realised they were there for a shoot, just having fun and playing.

After keeping my posing prompts to myself for years, I really want to start helping other photographers and what better way than creating a 'Posing Prompt Guide' that other photographers can also benefit from.

Natural moments these days are far more requested within a family session than those 90's formal posed shots. Remember those family shots your parents have on their wall, well there are so many more things you can do in a family session and one that shows each persons personality with it!

If you're a family photographer that shoots in a studio or outdoors on location, you can definitely benefit from my "Posing Prompt Guide'


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