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Natural newborn studio shoot

Wether you have one healthy baby, twins, triplets or more, there's one thing I know, they hate to be stripped off and cold!! That's why for one reason, I keep them dressed or wrapped and snuggled and warm for their shoot in my sweet Essex studio. Baby boys and girls just want to be toasty and cuddle their favourite people, Mum and Dad!

My newborn sessions very much follow this rule. You may see on my website and instagram that my babies are dressed and often left to their own devices, not been forced into poses and in buckets, giant hats or vibrant outfits. Instead they curl up on my beanbag and rest upon mum and dads chest or in their arms.

That's because I want my newborn sessions to be natural in every way. I want the baby to be their very own person, and not in generic poses. Everything from the way they curl up, the way they rest their hands and the faces they pull are all part of them even at this super young age.

Why have I chosen to move away from the 'posed newborn' photo shoots.... Did you know babies lose heat from their tiny bodies four times faster than adults so they get cold super quickly. Taking all their clothes off means they aren't comfortable and this is why many shoots take 4 hours to complete, having to sooth baby constantly. I want my shoots to be enjoyed by all with a happy baby and happy parents, with no pressures or super lengthy shoots. Instead my shoots last up to 2 hours and this is to relax throughout the shoot, let a sibling join in or feed and have natural photos of you feeding baby - no pressure.

Babies are all very different too, you can't expect all babies to do the same in posed shoots. Some like laying on their tummies, some hate it and prefer their back only. Letting them stretch, move and wriggle in a natural shoot is so much better for them. Wrapping them up is one of my favourite things to do. They are snuggly and warm and this takes them back to being curled up in the womb so most love it! I always suggest to parents to dress babies in a simple white baby grow, with arms, or without. That way there's no fashion trend, no bright colours taking the attention away from baby and parents and these photos are never going to look dated.

To read more about my sessions, when to book and further information, click here.

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