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Ivory White Education | Light and Airy Presets for photographers

Sharing my knowledge I've learnt over the last 10 years is something I've always been keen to do. Ivory White Education is part of my business that offers Presets, Posing Prompts and mentoring for other photographers whether you're a beginner or not.

Light and airy presets for photographers

It really has taken my around 7 years to perfect my editing. Over that time I've bought other presets, tried to imitate others I liked and just never been happy with them. So over the years I made and tweaked my own. I wanted them to be light, soft and dreamy. And they are exactly that.

I also struggled with my white studio editing. The whites were never white and the skin tones were never correct. Feel familiar? Now, I've finally designed presets that work within a white studio and a set that are perfect for outdoors! And I'm sharing them with you all!

Better still, if you'd like a few images tested by myself then you can feel free to send them over and I'll edit them for you before you commit.

If you're a light and airy photographer, then you definitely need to take a look!


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