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3 FREE tips for photographing newborns | Newborn photography

Photographing newborns can be daunting, especially if you're new to photography. First of all make sure you have proper newborn training, don't just practice on little babies, you need to make sure you know how to lay them correctly and safely.

Over my 10 years in photography, I have learnt many things that help with newborn photography that you may not have even thought of. Some of these you may even be able to use in general studio photography.

If you'd like to learn more or would like mentoring please check out my photography section. You can find presets, posing prompts, education and more. Now let's get onto the 3 FREE tips for photographing newborns!

  1. Don't wear coloured clothes when shooting, especially if you work in an all white studio. Any colours can create a colour cast and a 'tinge' to your newborns skin.

  2. Avoid perfume or air fresheners in your studio. Newborns are very sensitive and this may actually keep them awake or be unsettled. Definitely advise your clients not to wear fragrances.

  3. Warm up your beanbag! Grab a hot water bottle and leave it on top of your beanbag until you start shooting with your newborn, that way they are cosy and warm, not placed on a cold fabric.

There are so many other factors to capturing newborns, they are a speciality. If you'd like more help, contact me!

tips for photographing newborns


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