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3 FREE TIPS | How to shoot light and airy | Ivory White Photography

You've seen those lovely light and dreamy photos and you want to shoot like that? Do you love the soft tones and want to replicate it?

There are many factors that can contribute to getting these images. Let me hep you with 3 FREE TIPS, How to shoot light and airy.

  1. Choose your backgrounds carefully. You're not going get light looking images if you shoot in front of a dark hedge or a brown building. Choose light backdrops.

  2. Lower your aperture. This will soften your images. Make sure you're confident shooting wide open, if not, you may miss focus.

  3. Don't be afraid of the daytime sun. You don't always have to find thick shade when it's sunny. And too much shade can make photos look dark. Make sure the sun is at 45 degrees behind your clients and enjoy snapping away!

Enjoy shooting light and airy! To finish your session, try out the light and air presets here, set to soften your images and lighten them even more!

light and airy presets


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