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How to pick a maternity photographer

Updated: Mar 3

I bet you've been so confused when searching 'Pregnancy photo shoots, Essex' or 'Maternity photographer, London' and I bet you never realised how many different styles and photographers were out there?! I know right, so many! When you're pregnant too, you probably don't have the time or patience to trawl through the hundreds that pop up!

Why not take a read below at how to pick a pregnancy photographer for you!

Studio – did you envisage pretty maternity shots of your bump and husband in a gorgeous gown and in a studio setting. Perhaps it's winter and you don't fancy heading outside, studio is definitely a great option. You can have multiple looks, you can borrow a dress from my studio wardrobe, bring a cute lace underwear set or even be brave and do a nude pregnancy shot! (I'm itching to do a few more of these!!) Studio photography focuses more on the subject rather than backgrounds and settings.

Lifestyle – perhaps you love your home and are a total interior guru and would love to incorporate your gorgeously decorated bedroom, brand new nursery or your chic living room in your photos. Lifestyle, means using your own home in photos and creating super natural shots in your home setting. I don't advertise it, but I am all for visiting your stunning, modern home if it could make for a gorgeous backdrop! Better still, you don't even need to travel anywhere and have your entire wardrobe to hand! These are also a great option for newborn photos!

Outside – I have a thing for stunning outfit and dresses against the outdoor backdrop. Just because you're outside, doesn't mean you shouldn't dress to impress, in fact in my opinion this looks so much better! Also, if you have another little one or a husband/partner who isn't too keen on photos, outside is a more natural options where I can stay further away and it's less intrusive! Also, the older children don't always want to be stuck in one room and we can use their 'energy' in all the photos! By the end of the shoot you might even have a sleepy kiddo (bonus)!


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