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All white cake smash session | Ivory White Photography

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

White by name, white by nature. My shoots are all modern, fresh and light in tone! Cake smash sessions included, these don't have to be themed or brightly coloured. I get many parents who book a shoot in my all white studio in Colchester, Essex, tell me they always wanted a cake smash session to mark their baby's first special year but they didn't want bright colours or a trend that would date over the years.

Keeping it simple means images are timeless and won't age. They will look as good now as they do in 10 years time. Especially as my shoots are all natural and have no posing. Remember 90's photos shoots where family members are heavily posed and still, all facing the camera with a frozen smile on their faces? That's about as far away from my style of photography as you can get.

I love movement, moments and emotions. Capturing your baby's first birthday AND their personality. Did they go all in and smash the cake, delicately pick off small pieces or perhaps they stuck their foot in it and ate off their toes! Each way a one year old approaches a cake smash session is their way and represents their personality!

And I do love the parents to get involved too if they wish. Help feed your baby, reach an arm in, encourage them, all of these make sweet photos! Same goes with the baby bath which happens after the fun cake smash part. Help wash your child, play with the duckies, show them how to splash. It's all so very cute and not just fun for your baby but you as parents as well!

Check out darling Indigo's first birthday cake smash shoot! I'm so honoured I got to capture such a special moment for them!


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