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5 ways to take better photos of your kids on your phone

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

5 ways to take light and airy photos of kids on your phone

I always advise for the ultimate results to go to professional light and airy photographer with professional skills, equipment and editing software (such as me of course!) I however, thought in the current times whilst we are all stuck at home it would be useful to find out how to re-create similar on your mobiles!

1. Use natural light

Many room lamps and lights leave yellow/orange tinge to your images. Turn them off and find yourself natural light from doors or windows. Using natural light will make your images so much softer and more true to life. Photographing in the daytime is the best time to get those whites white and tones correct. Even if you think the light seems a little low, don't worry, you can help this in post editing.

2. Get on their level

If you want to get images of your family, children or pets, make sure you get on their level! It's not the same if you're standing upright and pointing down at a 2 year old for example. Crouch so you are at their height.