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When to book your newborn session | Ivory White Photography

I get this question a lot! And also I get “I haven’t booked my session as I don’t know when baby will come” and then by the time people want to book it’s too late and photographers are booked up!

Well, here’s your guide to ‘When to book your newborn session.’

It’s best to book at latest your 20 week scan to guarantee a slot is held for you. When you book a session I take your due date as a guide for my diary. You simply let me know when baby is born and I schedule you in for a session within the first 14 days of baby being Earth side.

When newborns are booked session slots are saved throughout my diary so you can ensure you’ll get your slot when baby arrives! And don’t worry about early or late arrivals, I factor this in too! That's why it's so important to book ahead and ensure a slot is saved for you.