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What to wear for an outdoor Spring/Summer session | Ivory White Photography

Spring and Summer in the UK can be absolutely wonderful! The soft tones, the warm air and the longer days make it perfect for outdoor sessions. In my part of England, the Essex coast, I love to visit the beach or fluffy grassland for dreamy family and maternity sessions.

My amazing clients get supplied with an Ivory White style guide which contains such valuable information to get those images you see within my portfolio. But I'm also sharing it first hand here!

Choosing what you wear for your session makes a huge impact on how the end photos will look. If you all just put on something different like a checked shirt for Dad, Mum and floral dress and baby in a bright green romper, it's just not going to flow.

I choose light backgrounds for my sessions to keep in line with my brand and my light and airy style, and I carry that through to what clients should wear. Light tones really lift the image giving that soft, dreamy result.

You don't necessarily need to all wear the same colour but stay within the same palette tones. There's no hiding I love white, and most guys have a plain white t-shirt or shirt they can wear. The rest of the family could then choose, creams, whites, tan, camel or greys which all would work along side white and still have a cohesive feel on camera.

I always advise my clients to stay away from bold patterns, logos and bright colours. All of these are distracting and also take away form the elegance of one of my sessions. Simple really is the best!

Take a look at some of my outdoor sessions for style inspiration!


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