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Newborn FaceTime Photoshoot | Covid-19

There are many new parents who have given birth during the Covid-19 lockdown here in the UK and the world. I'm sure it's not exactly what they had in mind when they thought of their baby coming into the world. And many of those new Mum's and Dad's would have had a wonderful newborn shoot booked in but in fact have it postponed while the world recovers.

I thought to myself, in these times where I cannot physically see people, how else can I still take photos? Well, we call each other using FaceTime all the time so surely I could do a mini photoshoot and capture clients in a different sort of way. And I actually think it represents the current happenings really well and is a positive and unique keepsake of what has happened.

Utilising my iphone 11 pro, I decided that I wanted the phone in the actual shots. I've seen other photographers do some FaceTime sessions but screen shot the image and edit it that way. To me, I didn't feel it captured the essence of the FaceTime shoot and why I was doing it this way. I wanted the shoot to be visually seen on the phone.

I dressed around the phone with some textured material an dI'm super pleased with how they turned out! If you're isolating or would like a FaceTime session I am currently doing them for £30 only!


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