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Family studio session | My Colchester studio

Each time I book in a family studio session I get super giddy! I love these and the variety is huge!

family photo shoot studio colchester essex

People always say children and hard to photograph, but not the way I do it. I don't restrict them to one area, I don't force a smile, I'm not always screaming their name to look at the camera. I set up 'moments' and capture them happening. These, to me, are the best memories in image form!

My sweet, white, minimal studio is located in Colchester, a large North Essex town and I'm only 20 minutes form a quiet, quaint beach village. My studio room is white, all white. Every part of it from my floor, the sofa, my desk, the walls, literally, everything! That's exactly how I like it.

When parents come in with their little ones I want it to feel relaxed and not forced in the slightest. I might start with the most confident child and Mum, because, Dad always dreads the photos a little, so as well as easing the kids into a shoot, I'm careful with Dads too!!

And, whoever wants to join in the photos, can. Most of the time if there's one shy child, I'd start with the rest of the family, that soon leads to the more shy child to come and join in the fun on their own. We then play, sing and cuddle for the entire shoot, making it more fun, not just for the children but the parents too. And in that time I am capturing detail shots such as their little feet and hands or a close up of you snuggling together as well as full family shots and action shots!

Imagine these photographs on your wall at home, they tell a story, a story of your family. I love to showcase images within wall art to give you an idea of how wonderful these images can look.

Take a look at the Riley family studio shoot below....

family photo session essex wall art white


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