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Double the love | Twin in-home newborn session

It has probably been over five years since I'd seen Lara last. And a message landed in my inbox telling me she is expecting twins and she'd love an in-home session photographed by me. Well how over the moon was I, to get such a wonderful experience!

Lara chose an in-home session as she and her wonderful husband already have two boys and with their twin girls now have four children. An in-home session made sense to have so everyone was relaxed.

I also knew Lara's home would be absolutely beautiful, working within interior design she's always had an eye for style, and when I arrived expected nothing else and her house was just as beautiful as I'd imagined it would be. Couple that with an absolutely gorgeous family and I was super excited to get shooting.

Her other sons and husband were dressed perfectly in the tones I suggested and they all looked amazing.

Take a peek at some from their session. If an in-home newborn session looks like the style you'd like, then get in touch!


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