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A cheeky twin baby photo shoot | Colchester

Baby photoshoots are incredible! I mean all that cubby gorgeousness oozing out of them before they become toddlers really is something worth capturing! And, that first year whizzes by so quickly, these are moments you'll never get back. Nine to ten months is the perfect age for a baby shoot. They have their own sassy personality and what about those arms and legs, oh the chunky arms and legs!!

It's even better to capture them before they are on the move, crawling and walking. As soon as they start moving they lose all their baby chub.

I specialise in natural baby photography in my modern studio in Colchester, Essex. That means I don't pose. I capture you cuddling, playing, singing and interacting! The absolute best way to get amazing photos.

Better still, I had twin babies in and these photos are some of my favourite. People always think twins are double the trouble but these two were amazing and so receptive. They sat beautifully together, enjoyed each others company and better still, they LOVED cuddles with their sweet mummy and daddy!

When they can't crawl or walk, a studio shoot is a perfect option for them so they can sit on the floor and so we can get those cute arms and legs out. Perhaps they have just started to crawl or bum shuffle, my white studio is safe for them to do as they wish during the shoot.

My Colchester studio is only a 25 minute drive from Ipswich and 45 minutes from London.

Outdoor shoots are also totally amazing, better in the spring and summer months so we can keep as much skin out as possible! I have lots of locations I use in Colchester, Ipswich and throughout Essex, Suffolk and London, so no matter where you're hoping to have your shoot I have some wonderful options!


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