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Simple cake smash shoot

I've seen and I've also been part of themed cake smash shoots before. Before I found my style, before I found what worked for my business and what I wanted to offer to my clients. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of themes, bright colours and huge cupcakes that cover your babies cute face and body and distract from the main aim, them!

I am all for elegance and simplicity. A plain minimal space, a sweet cake and a wooden spoon. Finishing off every session with my adorable tin bath, just the right size for a 1 year old!

Within my client wardrobe, in my lovely studio, is a selection of garments which babies from 6-18 months, can borrow. So not only is the cake provided for you, so is an outfit if you choose! You can just book and arrive knowing everything is provided for you.

The shoot!

I always describe my shoots as a stay and play session. That's exactly what I want from it. I want the emotions and reactions during a shoot. I'm looking for natural shots, not screaming for their attention throughout the shoot. Parent's stay super close, right next to me and get in there with playing, singing and assisting the birthday boy or girl with their amazing cake! (And yes, parents, you can have some cake too!!)

Before the cake, I start with some individual images of your child which I love, it let's them warm up and get used to the studio prior to having the cake and it's always nice to get shots before they smear cake everywhere!!

Next, the cake. Choose for it to be on a stand or just on the floor (I love both!) and let them at it! With vanilla frosting and a Victoria sponge filling, it's always a hit with the little ones. Adding in the wood spoon and it normally gets seriously messy then!

Finally, my tin bath! It's always a hit. Babies LOVE bath time. Feel free to bring bubbles and I provide the rubber duckies and they splish and splash to their hearts content!

I'm one of the only photographers in Essex to provide this style of natural cake smash shoot. Heck, I'm definitely the only one in my town, Colchester!

Find out more about my cake smash sessions here.

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