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NEW! Backyard Chic Sessions!

Imagine a few white sheets, a stool, gorgeous dresses and a tonne of creative juices. All this equals absolutely gorgeous images!

These days there is no limit to being creative. I've adored this type of set up outside and finally taken the leap and added it to my sessions! Mixing the outdoor with the indoor and the raw with the elegant is so contrasting it's perfect.

The look of an almost unfinished set, is completely on trend and unique.. So to those parents that may source something a little different or be as creative as I am, this is for you!

Take 2 white sheets, a stool and gorgeous clients and you really can see why I love them so much. By wearing classy, elegant, long dresses it's just the perfect accompaniment to the rawness of the backdrop.

I have set up this backdrop in my own backyard! In front of my wooden white workshop doors and surrounded by trees it's a wonderful spot!

So if you fancy a session like this get in contact. I can't wait to welcome more mummas, families and children to this sweet session in my Colchester home location.

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