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Light and airy editing presets | For Photographers

Are you searching for the perfect light and airy presets for your editing workflow. Maybe you're struggling getting those light tones. My light and airy presets may be perfect for you!

I offer two sets of presets, STUDIO PRESETS and OUTDOOR PRESETS. Studio presets are brilliant if you work in a white studio. Giving bright whites and light skin tones and absolutely perfect for Motherhood sessions.

The outdoor presets are great for light outdoor settings. Emulating the film look, they are light, soft and dreamy. Especially amazing for family sessions. You don't even need to worry about shooting in harsh sunlight. I shoot in the mornings, at the beach typically, with no shade! These presets will not only help quicken up your workload but allow you the freedom to shoot at whatever time you like with your clients.

What are you waiting for? If you're ready to spend less time editing AND have dreamy light images - CLICK HERE.


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